We invest in schools and human capital organizations that are operationally and financially sustainable and demonstrate a potential to serve as proof points for education innovation.

Investment Criteria

We support a mix of charter, district, and independent schools across the K-12 spectrum, as well as human capital organizations.

Fund Raising Capital for Schools


We invest in schools that demonstrate a(n):

Innovative educational model that pushes the envelope on new ways to run schools and personalize learning for students.

High quality leadership team with a track records of success.

Financially sustainable model that is self-financing on California public funding at full enrollment.

Understanding of the complexity of launching new schools/transforming schools and the operational and educational challenges entailed.

Sound growth strategy for replication and ability to have national impact.

Human Capital Orgs

We invest in human capital organizations that:

Increase the supply of high quality teachers and principals to work in Bay Area schools.

Prepare educators to lead personalized learning classrooms and schools and train through competency based and technology rich models.

Grant Proposals

Application to the Silicon Schools Fund is by invitation.

To Learn More

Please first review the Our Work section on our site and our Investment Criteria above. If you are a strong fit for Silicon Schools, please send a one-page introductory letter to proposals@siliconschools.com describing the following:

  1. Your vision for a personalized learning school
  2. The specifics of your model
  3. Members of your team
  4. Track record of success
  5. What stage of the process you are in towards opening your school.