The Silicon Schools Fund provides seed funding for new blended learning schools that use innovative education models and technology to personalize learning.

These videos explore some of the big ideas being pursued in blended learning — from organizations running schools, building tools, and funding the work. This is not an endorsement, but rather an attempt to share new ways of thinking about possible solutions.

  • Education Elements discusses the basics of blended learning.

  • Silicon Schools Fund portfolio member Design Tech High and their partnership with Oracle to build a new school

  • Edutopia features a traditional blended learning approach in Gainsville, FL

  • What could schools look like in 20 years?  Intel shares their vision.

  • Carpe Diem Schools, leaders in the blended and personalized learning movement, discuss their model and results.

  • Sal Khan uses his Khan Academy teaching methods to explain digital and blended learning.

  • 2Revolutions, an education design lab, shares their vision for the future of learning.

  • The Alliance for College Ready Public Schools in Los Angeles has built their new BLAST with three rotations in each classroom (personalized online learning, direct instruction with the teacher, and small group work).

  • KIPP Empower in Los Angeles is an early pioneer of using technology to create smaller effective class sizes at the elementary level.

  • Summit Public Schools in the Bay Area of California is exploring new blended learning models that allow students to personalize their learning through playlists and a proficiency based model.

  • NBC News Reports Silicon Schools Fund Announces First-Ever Grants