Silicon Schools funds the creation of new schools in the Bay Area that foster innovation and personalization to discover the next generation of schools in America.

Silicon Schools Our Work

Our Vision

Students driving their own learning to produce outstanding results in great schools lead by passionate educators.

Empowering Students


guiding their own learning, pursuing interests and reaching their full potential.

Passionate Teachers

with the experience and flexibility to do what they do best - facilitate conversations, encourage critical thinking and inspire students.

Engaging Schools Image

Engaging Schools

that meet the needs of each student to make school a place where students and teachers love to be.

Innovative Technology

that enables student to drive their own learning and gives teachers the tools they need to run classrooms in new and better ways.

Our Work

We provide funding to launch or redesign schools that are laboratories of innovation and proof points for personalized learning.

Diverse Portfolio

We support a portfolio of charter, district, and independent schools that serve a diverse mix of student demographics.


Through their R&D, our schools test hypotheses and prototype new ways to run schools and classrooms.

Human Capital

We support human capital organizations working to train the next generation of teachers and principals in the Bay Area.

Bay Area Focused

By focusing on one target region, the organizations in our portfolio develop strong relationships amongst each other while creating a national demonstration hub of high quality learning.

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